Trip Itinerary
Day 1: 30th May 2012, Wed: Delhi to Leh by flight, Horizontal supine rest at Leh
Day 2: 31st May 2012, Thu: Horizontal supine rest.(visit German Bakery and have their lasagna)
Day 3: 1st June 2012, Fri: Leh to Hanle by cars, rest at Hanle.
Day 4: 2nd June 2012, Sat: Setup equatorial mount afternoon and polar align at night.
Day 5: 3rd June 2012, Sun: Rehearsal at Sunrise,check the telescope location and exact sunrise spot
Day 6: 4th June 2012, Mon: Rehearsal of all equipment and processes
Day 7: 5th June 2012, Tue: Rehearsal of all equipment and processes
Day 8: 6th June 2012, Wed: Transit of Venus, process photographs, upload to various sites.
Day 9: 7th June 2012, Thu: Hanle, Pangong Tso, Leh
Day 10: 8th June 2012, Fri:
Day 11: 9th June 2012, Sat:
Day 12: 10th June 2012, Sun:
Day 13: 11th June 2012, Mon: Leh to Delhi by flight